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World AIDS Day 2012 – Positive prevention messages

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To commemorate World AIDS Day 2012, The Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe sent a text message to our subscribers, asking them to share their positive prevention messages.

Our three winning responses:

  • Sexy legs, lovely smile. Stop. Stirring in loins. Stop. Bed beckoning. Stop to ponder: Do we have rubbers? Stop.
  • Put a helmet on your soldier and you won’t die young!
  • Open your eyes before AIDS closes them! Wear a condom – every time.

And all 563 responses in a word cloud:

One comment to “World AIDS Day 2012 – Positive prevention messages”

  1. Comment by Fastino Mahomed:

    I agree, don’t be a sex hero entering the field without a bullet proof, AIDS is a dangerous weapon that can destroy,rather practise one on one sex life.