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With Love in Zimbabwe

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I recently interviewed the energetic and vivacious Chenaimoyo Mudede co-founder of With Love Foundation, a dynamic organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate.

Background and Objectives
With Love Foundation is a charity organization, which came into existence in 2012 and has been operating for the past seven months. After getting education and exposure to different cultures overseas, the organization’s founders came back to Zimbabwe and realized that the country is living in a selfish generation where people are not willing to share with the less privileged or dedicate time for voluntary activities. Driven by the passion of improving the quality of life and bridging the gap between communities and the marginalised members of the society, With Love Foundation is a collective idea, which is mainly driven by young people, mostly women, with the ambition of building better communities. The foundation aspires to make a difference in Zimbabwean society through engaging ordinary people in voluntary work. With Love mainly runs three programmes in Harare namely the Soup Kitchen, Zim Clean and One Million Pieces in various areas in Harare.

Under its Soup Kitchen programme the organization receives donations of cabbages and mealie-meal from local farmers, which they distribute to the disadvantaged. Assisted by volunteers, the Soup Kitchen runs every Tuesday in Mbare and it provides hot meals to orphans and the less fortunate. So far the organization has been working with the Lutheran Church in Mbare to implement the programme while Childline also chips in identifying the marginalised children.

In order to complement efforts by City of Harare in trying to return the sunshine status of the city, With Love engages in a once a month initiative under the banner of Zim Clean to clean Harare’s streets. Volunteers dedicate their time for this worthy cause, which has received commendable support from the corporate sector in the form of cleaning materials. The organization has also received support from the Zimbabwe National Army and the Mayor’s office

One Million Pieces is such an initiative packaged to address some of the economic challenges being faced by the elderly and orphans. Items of clothing from donations from well wishers are distributed to orphanages and old people’s homes in the country.

Highlights and Future Plans
Recently With Love Foundation hosted the L.O.V.E Funfest aimed at raising funds and donations for the less privileged. Before the end of the year the organization is planning on spreading love through hosting a charity dinner and a Christmas party for children at Stoddart Hall in Mbare.

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