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Why did the chicken cross the road?

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So, for want of any inspiring solution to the fiasco Zimbabwe’s 29 March election has become, we’re turning to humour.

Alex Magaisa recently sent us some creative answers to the classic question Why did the chicken cross the road?

Some of my favourites are:

Patrick Chinamasa: No. The chicken did not cross the road. In fact we need to verify whether in fact it was a chicken. As far as we know, the chicken is still there. It could have been an eagle. We have to wait until verification is done.

Robert Mugabe: The chicken will never be allowed to cross the road. Not in my life time! Let those that run away to Bush and Brown do so. Not my chicken! My chicken will never cross the road. It will never be colonised again!

Tendai Biti: We have irrefutable evidence from those who were at the road that the chicken has, indeed, without any shadow of doubt, crossed the road. I hereby declare that Chicken Huku Inkuku is now the legitimate resident of the other side of the road.

Judge of the High Court: Whether or not it crossed the road is a matter for the officials to declare at their own time. They have the power to order a re-check and verification as to whether it crossed the road before they can make the declaration.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission: We are not in a position to say whether or not the chicken crossed the road. There are some people who have complained that it probably wasn’t a chicken at all and others saying it was being pushed or dragged against its will. We are currently considering whether to do a re-check before we can officially declare if the chicken crossed the road. We will take as long as we want to be fully certain that it was a chicken that crossed the road.

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One comment to “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

  1. Comment by scotchcart:

    Brilliant. I will link to you later today. We all need a smile.

    I am also making a collection of articles about “Resilient Zimbabwe”. Recently I have noticed several good articles which show Zimbabweans “getting on with things” – not ignoring things, not being confrontational, but not being passive either. The capacity to laugh at ourselves I think is a very great strength.