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Why bother paying for water if you don’t get any?

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We asked for your feedback on Mayor Masunda saying that the water crisis in Zimbabwe will be alleviated if residents coughed up their dollars on time and paid their bills.

Here is what some of you think:

It’s true, I am already doing that, I make sure every month-end I pay my bills on time.

In my own view the principal running cities and towns should put our health first. What is the use of Government subsidies in our country? If people are not able to pay rates it means all is difficult for residents. Let municipality cut on the rates and put affordable rates, which people can afford, and government intervene through the use of subsidies, and utilizing taxes they are collecting from people. Many residents are suffering from stomach disease due to unclean and unsafe water they are drinking yet our own Mayor talks about water supply as a luxury or a want just like DSTV and cell phone airtime top-up. It is not every resident that subscribes to DSTV. It is his duty as a city Mayor to care for the health of the residents. We support our principals; all we want is them to create better living conditions for the residents and raise up the standard of living of society not for another time, but Now.

It is unfortunate that we may laugh at the Mayor but he is telling the truth. People pay for their cell phones because if you do not pay you cannot phone. If you do not subscribe to DSTV you cannot view any channels. If at all there was, or is a way of doing the same thing with water and other services offered by the City of Harare I do not think we wouldn’t have anyone failing to pay for services rendered. However, the next thing would be to find a way to stop pilferage of funds because with everyone paying it means thousands (if not millions) of dollars are up for grabs.

This is a lame excuse – at least they should demonstrate their commitment by cutting down on some of their expenditures. City council fathers are well known for giving themselves hefty salaries and allowances. We have been hearing that same story for many years. If they can account for all the payments being done this can make a difference.

The Mayor was simply being Dramatic in expressing a very important point that affects everyone and people should not read too much into it and get the sense that until they start getting their priorities right, clean and regular water supplies remain a pipe dream. Being dramatic is in fact a mark of good leadership. The Mayor comes across to me saying this is a problem, which affects the public and should therefore involve the public in its solution. Simple.  So the people’s Mayor is simply putting the public problem and its public solution in perspective. Thumbs up.

If that is the case we are guaranteed of never seeing an end to these water problems. Ratepayers do not pay because there is no service to pay for NOT because they do not want water. Right now there is no guarantee that water will flow in your tap if you settle your bills, so why bother?

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