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Whose side are you on?

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In as much as our education is concerned, it is derailed, demolished, dilapidated and finally decomposed into ashes. I am not talking about the ashes that remain behind after a fire has ceased, but I am talking about the ashes that are remaining after we are left education less.

Last week found me at college where I am studying for my BA Hons in African Languages and Culture. I had gone for payment of my 3rd year 1st semester fees since I am away from college for the whole year on industrial attachment. What I had to witness with my eyes left me wide mouthed as the telephone conversations I used to have with my friends there became reality. I attempted to get into one of these lectures so that I could have the necessary and on hand information and to my sight there were fifteen of us in the lecture room; the lecturer being the 16th member of the room. Having said a few notes on the module, a heavy knock descended on the door. My word, there was the man who is acting in the Office of the Registrar, Mr. Taguta, spectacles on and applying to himself a crocodile smile that even induced fear amongst students as they knew his obligation. Without reluctance in executing it, he ordered that those who had not paid their fees leave the room as it was not necessary for them to be at the college. I did not rise from the chair I had made myself comfortable in, watching him moving around and checking for receipts from everyone in the room.

It hurts me so much when certain Government directives are ignored only to the interest of a few people. The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education had directed that no one was to be sent from school on monetary grounds. That leaves me with the question in my heart and mind, on whose side are you? If you are for us then you have to respect whatever is our right, especially to education. To be fair and frank, there is actually no parent, even the elite ones, who can afford to pay US$1000 for a degree programme in a country with an unemployment rate of above 90%. Education to my belief is some form of investment but how can you invest where you are actually going to get a loss instead of profit. In comparison to South African universities, our own are charging fees that are way above what is expected. It seems cheaper to go and learn in South Africa than stay here.

This is a call to the responsible authorities to deal with the rotten elements of society. Once again we need to be a vibrant country in as much as our education is concerned.

One comment to “Whose side are you on?”

  1. Comment by Mandy M:

    its really true that our education system is going down by the day.wat can we do to heal the situation?solusi university is the most expensive private uni but with very low living standards who can we tell to bail students there out?the chancellors are all politicians and they want to continue benfiting at the expense of the minority wat can we do?lets unite to fight this broad day light robbery.