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Where are the women?

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As each day comes and goes since the decision by the MDC to participate in the inclusive government a lot of things have been happening and they are happening really fast if I may say. However, when I look at the list of ministers that Prime Minister Tsvangirai has given the question that I ask is where are the women in your cabinet sir? Only two out of 13? Is this how the equality and equity value of your party is translated into action? Secondly, Theresa Makone as the MDC Women’s Assembly Chairwoman is this the best that our party could allocate to all the women of the MDC? I am sorry to say that before this government has even gone into office you have really failed us the women of Zimbabwe who voted, suffered, were raped, maimed and killed for the struggle.

6 comments to “Where are the women?”

  1. Comment by Emmerson:

    First it was where are the Ndebeles ? Now it is where are the women ? What is next ?

  2. Comment by Emmerson:

    Do not forget there is Thokozani Khupe the Deputy PM

  3. Comment by Amos Marowa:

    Women, yes we know you participated a lot during this struggle but let as not forget that the war is not yet over. Also do you still remember the issue o Sekesai Makwavarara?. Let us not cross the river before we reach there.

    Are you power hungry or you want you children to live in a free a fair Zimbabwe. Look, you are already being used. Why do you go public if you are a real support or if you really suffered

  4. Comment by Sophie Zvapera:

    If Makwavarara sold out it doesn’t mean all women should be condemned for that. That there was an outcry about Ndebele should not be used to belittle the importance of women. The most important tenet about democarcy is being able to take care of the marginalised and women have remained seriously marginalesd in political spaces that they deserve to be recognised not tomorrow or next year but tody. Going by their numbers in Zimbabwe women should actually occupy more seats in cabinet than men. I thought the MDC will be different from ZANU PF but actually it looks like politicians are all the same they need women to do the campaigning and the voting but when it comes to sharing the cake they are forgotten about.

  5. Comment by Regina Dumba:

    Its very interesting that someone can actually point out the issue of Sekesai Makwavarara as a reason to marginalize women, why does such issues only surface when its the appointment of women. How many men have done worse things than that and still being appointed to decision making positions. Why can’t we say men have failed Zimbabwe because of Robert Mugabe?
    We want our children to live in a free Zimbabwe and a free Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwe where women and men are treated equally.

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