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Welcome to nowhere

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Do you ever wonder how people cope in failed states? Well, this weekend for me it requires Alcohol. The current reality is just too horrible. Tomorrow I’ll be OK, but today I need help.

On TV the regime’s propaganda machine is going through its miserable charade of vote ‘counting’! Honestly. Of course I’ll feel worse for the alcohol later, but for now I need something with that extra lift.

I’m sick to my stomach. How can anyone follow through with this nauseating fabrication? What a come down for Robert Mugabe. They’ve had to beat, threaten, plead, kill, to get someone, anyone to the polls. How must he feel as he prepares for the inauguration?

Today, overhead, a lone jet went through its paces in preparation for Mugabe’s inevitable ‘crowning’. That’s what we’ve been reduced to. Just enough fuel and a single pilot for a fly past. In spite of this, Mugabe will ride into Cairo this coming week and whip the rest of Africa’s spineless leaders into shape. Pathetic.

Over this desperate weekend I watched a documentary that opened my eyes to the Bush administration’s rampant corruption in the awarding of contracts to Halliburton et al for the logistics behind their war in Iraq. “Oh God”, I thought. “Where in the world is their integrity?”

Yes, Mugabe has every right to point out everyone else’s failings, but that doesn’t forgive him his own. As a people we have suffered not only the bruises and wounds of his excesses, but have had to tolerate nauseating propaganda purporting Zimbabweans turned up willingly to vote in a one horse race. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Tomorrow I will be stronger, but for today I need to drown my sorrows.

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