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We refute completely . . .

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I’ve just watched this clip of an Al Jazeera broadcast on the ongoing post-election violence in Zimbabwe.

The video starkly contrasts the chard remnants of rural huts, and battered villagers recovering in hospital, with Zimbabwe’s (past his sell by date) Minister of Justice Patrick Chinamasa saying “we refute completely that people are dying of politically motivated violence.”

The government denies organising any sort of retributive campaign, and the police are investigating 75 cases of politically motivated violence – all of which they say were perpetrated by the MDC.

Never mind the fact of Tapiwa Mubwanda, and the at least nine others who have died in the weeks since Zimbabwe’s 29 March election.

2 comments to “We refute completely . . .”

  1. Comment by Zimbabwe Image:

    I liked how the Aljazeera girl glossed over the fact the MDC people had also beat and burnt houses belonging to ZANU supporters. She kept on insisting on ZANU violence, while showing victims wearing ZANU t-shirts…

    These MDC reporters are a big joke and a scourge.

  2. Comment by Mike Dykins:

    Chinamasa is well known as a LIAR of great renown, he has no credentials and pretends to be knowledgeable in the affairs of law. He is ignorant and a lap dog of Mugabe, unable to see what the future holds without his leader. There must be an absolute cleansing of the murderous clan supporting Mugabe once he is deposed, Mugabe must be the first and executed by public hanging in Cecil Square, before his cronies suffer the same fate. The U.N. Britain and the USA and the E.U. must stand back and allow this execution to take place in the same manner as that shown when allowing Mugabe to drive his people into poverty and starvation.