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We interrupt this message

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In Zimbabwe, TV channel 138 is Zimbabwe’s state television station. Channels 280, 281 and 282 bring us the BBC, CNN and Sky News. You could be forgiven for going completely mad flicking between Mugabe’s state television and the western media – chalk and cheese, and then some. The western media gives us the impression that Mugabe has packed his bags and if he hasn’t already left, then he’s on his way to the airport – whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess, but everyone’s hope. Zimbabwe state television gives the impression that Zanu PF is still in control.

Yesterday during one of the breaks in the announcement of House of Assembly results, the dj started to spin Bob Marley’s song Zimbabwe and we all thought, maybe this is it – the revolution is being broadcast. Unfortunately it wasn’t. But I’d like to invite our fellow Zimbabweans working at the state broadcasters to interrupt the stream of propaganda that they’re spewing. Zimbabwean djs are on the frontline – help put a spanner in Mugabe’s media machine and stop being their messengers of lies. If you have a friend or family member working at ZTV or ZBC ask them to, as Bob Marley sings, liberate Zimbabwe.

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