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Voter registration – Zimbabweans speak out

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Voter registration is a contentious issue in Zimbabwe, with the Registrar General having been responsible for registration, whilst the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission oversees other aspects of elections.

Amidst news stories about an MDC meeting with ZEC, MDC-T and Zanu PF both being critical of voter registration, and the removal of “ghost voters” by ZEC, Kubatana subscribers share their feedback on and criticisms of the voter registration process:

I think the whole process of voter registration need overhaul. ZEC must have voter registration mandate which must be continuous, election observer accreditation & there is need for a clean biometric voters roll. The proof of residence issue must be phased out & the civic groups must be incorporated into ZEC. Mobile voter registration must be given adequate time ensuring that everyone eighteen years & above who want to register to vote have registered. Lastly the cost of the voters roll must be reviewed. - OB

Thanks, but how is voter registration going on, I read there are also insisting on a long birth certificate for voter registration which some of us have already lost sight of, we have IDs , passports but to ask for a birth certificate is ridiculous. The independent media should expose these nefarious activities by the Zanu PF ZEC. - IC

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