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USAID & Zimbabwe: Past, present and future

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To mark their 50th Anniversary of USAID on 3rd November, USAID-Zimbabwe’s  Economic Growth Office Director, Dr Tina Dooley-Jones gave a presentation entitled USAID & Zimbabwe: Past, present and future at the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section, which covered the history of USAID, expanded upon the major policy and planning changes that have occurred in the organisation in the past 2 years,  outlined their 7 Global Development Priorities and explained how the organisation is currently engaged in Zimbabwe.

The organisation has been working in Zimbabwe since independence and has developed a number of different programmes and partnerships to move forward in the areas of: health, private sector development, low income housing, governance. The activities implemented in these areas have had a positive impact on the lives of many Zimbabweans. Currently USAID works in 4 areas in Zimbabwe in which the organisation has a comparative advantage in delivering development assistance and has found exceptional local partners to work locally.

Dooley  said that “Zimbabwe is and will remain important to USAID – because of developmental challenges and opportunities that exist here. With its highly educated workforce, systems, institutions and structures there is so much potential for development, the organization looks forward to deepening its engagement here and being a part of moving Zimbabwe forward.”

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