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TV, I love, it’s Private TV stations I hate

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A wisecrack wrote during Soviet Russia’s communist years that in every hotel room in Russia there is a television, only the television watches you.

I recalled this when a I read about the presidential mouth, George Charamba, frothing over the announcement of 1st TV and that government was looking for ways to “cripple this pirate television broadcast station.”

These men would be comfortable having TVs that do the watching because their paranoia knows no bounds.

But then we already know that Zanu PF honchos love watching themselves on TV, warts and all – literally!

Zimbabweans surely know well enough what they want without relying on “hostile media” that “demonises” Mugabe and Zanu PF.

For God’s sake, these are the same people who extol Zimbabwe’s literacy but still believe that these same educated people cannot make up their own minds without coaching by the British and the Americans! That must be the ultimate insult.

And these are the same people, along with the permanently egregious Tafataona Mahoso who in 2011 infuriated Cont Mhlanga when he (Mahoso) said TV licences would only be granted in 2013.

Well, this is 2013!

To quote Cont: “I fail to understand that man (Mahoso) – where did he get his education from? He thinks we are so gullible and he seems happy to announce that after 31 years of having one broadcasting station, we still need two more years in that state. That is abnormal to say the least. After the announcements I wondered whether we were a normal country. We cannot go on having a single station and even other countries in SADC are taken aback by the way we think because in their countries they is (sic) not scared to have more operating stations. We are seriously abnormal if we continue to live like this.”

There you have it.

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