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Tsvangirai in Botswana – Zimbabweans speak out

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Wondering what other Zimbabweans thought about Morgan Tsvangirai setting himself up in Botswana, we sent this text message to our subscribers:

Kubatana! Tsvangirai has based himself in Botswana claiming “It is no use going back to Zim & becoming captive. Then you are not effective.” What do you think?

Here are some of their replies:

Being captured will trigger worldwide pressure or outcry. Zimbabwe’s problems are taking long because everyone is going away.


Yes, its ok for him to be there because Zanu lost the election. They are in heart pain and they could kill our new selected leader.


MT must address the public because soon it will be No Hope and that will be the worst because it will nurture a defeatist attitude that will thwart any progress towards revolution.


Aiwazve let him stand his ground. The music iz playing. He has 2face it lyk a man. Come bak Mr President u havent lost yet


He made the wrong decision


He has let zim down and its cowardice of Tsvangirai to do that


50/50. Maybe cowardice creeping in. He MUST be with the pple at this hour!


It’s a good idea. He can work out strategies better in another country than here.


We want him back 2 finish the struggle to freedom he started we are here to support him as we showed him on 29 March

3 comments to “Tsvangirai in Botswana – Zimbabweans speak out”

  1. Comment by scotchcart:

    Guys you are disappointed. You want a triumphant rally but it would be like Tiananmen square.

    What is important now are transitional talks. It means cutting off the umbilical cord so we have to go to the table to talk. If we don’t do that, we will be voting again.

    If you play chess, this is like the middle game. The beginning game is fun. The end game is exhilarating. The middle game can be boring. Getting into position to make the end game possible takes time and patience.

    I am sure you are all doing your part. Tell the world via Kubatana. Don’t tell us security information of course. Tell us how you are sticking together and making a plan. We need cheering up too!

  2. Comment by farai:

    I agree with scotchcart. We need to stay strong and work to do what we can. African countries are rallying, that’s important. Getting the UN on board is important. They all have their own problems so only personal contact works. A Divisive attitude doesn’t help anything. Can Kubatana print a cheap newsheet to get information to the people on the ground? No use waiting for others to do it?

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