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Time to unite

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If Mugabe convenes Parliament next week he will violate the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding. Surely this provides an opportunity for united action from both MDC factions? The action being the boycott of the opening of Parliament.

This is a test that Mugabe is setting for the MDC knowing full well that the foundations of the MDC are flimsy and fragile. The scent of a free oxtail and mashed potato lunch after lolling about in Parliament for a few hours will sorely tempt a host of opposition MPs who are likely in it for what they can get. And this doesn’t necessarily equal freedom for Zimbabwe.

If Parliament is convened and if we don’t see united action on the part of both factions of the MDC then Zimbabweans should recognise that we’ve really got our work cut out for us, battling both a bankrupt opposition and a devil of a dictator.

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