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Things that made me smile this Christmas

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Alberto, resident hairdresser in the Mon Repos Building in Newlands Shopping Centre, invited us to go “behind the curtain” with him for a nip of Cheeky Fanta at about 9am one morning.

Cosmo, a rescued pup, named after my favourite cocktail of the moment, can de-pip a litche with his little shark teeth.

Jestina and other comrades in the struggle for justice in Zimbabwe were finally found. They’re still illegally detained but at least we know where they are.

My sister called.

Two friends from afar came home bringing much needed energy, care, concern and gifts of two sexy martini glasses. What can I say . . . sorry I fell asleep.

South Africa beat Australia.

There’s been power, most of the time.

One comment to “Things that made me smile this Christmas”

  1. Comment by Gail:

    May the new year bring much more to smile about. Thinking of all of you keeping the faith in Zimbabwe!
    — Your friend in Canada