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The police force needs to be policed

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I believe that men and women of integrity and high moral standards still exist in our police force in Zimbabwe but there are some certain unruly elements in it as is the case in any part of life.

I can no longer trust the police because they don’t deal with the situation how they are supposed to. African police always need bribes instead of helping and saving the lives of those who need help.

The police have the constitutional mandate to provide security for the ordinary citizens of the country. However, they extort, intimidate and rob the same people they are mandated to protect. People no longer feel safe or have the patience to wait for the police to arrive at the scene of accident. Instead they settle on their own after an exchange of harsh words and sometimes fisticuffs.

The taxis that ply our roads hardly ever have all their papers so the drivers resort to tipping the officers at police road blocks to escape prosecution. My neighbour owns a Tuck-shop and sells bread. Instead of fining him for overpricing, the police take the bread away and share it amongst themselves.

And how can the police be trusted when drugs/mbanje kept in their custody goes missing among the police force itself?

To increase the effectiveness of the police force in Africa the conditions under which they do their duties must be improved, for example, transport to and from work, accommodation, and protection from physical, social, political and mental harm. Incentives and performance-based rewards can also be introduced.

The police force urgently needs to be policed by another independent body.

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