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The lessons I learned from Bob

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Stand by your beliefs stand firm even if  you stand t o lose your very livelihood.
When your enemy is down kick in the teeth repeatedly.
Choose a very public forum to insult you enemies; do a good and thorough job of it.
That way you divert attention from your transgressions.
You are always right it’s everyone else who is wrong.
If they don’t agree with you to hell with them who do they think they are.
Pretend to agree with some of your opponents.
When they gain your trust.
Stab them in the back.

2 comments to “The lessons I learned from Bob”

  1. Comment by Hwezha Matengarufu:

    There is only one language that dictators of the mould of Mugabe will understand. He and his cohorts will only understand the language of the barrel of the gun. he is so propped with a horde of grovelling sycophantic bootlickers who would murder their very own mothers to save Mugabe. I wish I had a gun, and I wish the soldiers revolted and took over temporarily in Zimbabwe.

  2. Comment by Colletah Chitsike:

    The worst part of the lessons that many Zimbabweans have now had from BOB is that everyday survival is about using laungage that is unacceptable, words such as little idiots prostitute, etc etc etc. If a father stands on a hill and shouts obscenities every now and again, all the children will do is repeat all those words and crudeness becomes normal. The number and nature of crude scenes that i witnessed in a very short visit to Zim is scary!
    Zimbabwe has lost its lustre and general fabric of the finesse in the Shona culture that we witnessed in the past. The most difficult issue that the future leaders will have to address is another transforamtive process to bring back sanity and unhu in Zimbabweans.