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The end of July

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our heads and shoulders are decorated with flecks of gold
flurries of falling jacaranda leaves
colouring our world
as we sit in the circle

touching the warming earth beneath my feet
it has been too long since I have felt the ground
the crackling dry leaves
the warming round rocks

weavers are already beginning their nests
intricate works of art
Celtic knots
no beginning
no end

and the web weaves around us
threads of light
reaching from across the planet
touching ground
as Zimbabweans begin this journey of self reliance
‘what can I contribute?’
‘where do we connect?’
General invites the other communities
to his organic gardening workshop in Kuwadzana
Chikukwa comes to Epworth
to speak of community building
counsellors and therapists and small organisations
begin to connect
‘what have we got to share?’

bronze mannekins on dry branches
picking up the courage
to come to the seed

warm earth
cold wind
golden flecks

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