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Taylor Birdy Manifesto

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  • Be willing to interrupt your life: the stuff that wings in at an angle is often expanding, don’t shut it out
  • Laugh: it helps you keep perspective, and lightens the load
  • Be grateful for small things: don’t look gifts of small hoppers in the mouth
  • Reach out and ask for advice and help: we’re made more by others
  • Not always, but very often, things will be all right in the morning: have faith
  • Sometimes the decision won’t be in your hands: the morning of Birdy’s release he became very agitated, he was ready, we accepted
  • Make friends with mystery: clear proof sometimes can’t be found, and that’s ok
  • When you think you can’t just try to anyway: you’d be amazed what you can accomplish when you’re motivated strongly enough
  • Don’t expect to get it right the first time: be flexible enough to learn from your mistakes, and brave enough to try again
  • Share the story: you never know what you’ll inspire in others
  • Appreciate teamwork: respect each others’ strengths and roles, and you can do much more together than you could separately
  • Never underestimate the power of gentle: coupled with focus and determination, it can lift you to the skies

Taylor Birdy - Little Swift

    2 comments to “Taylor Birdy Manifesto”

    1. Comment by janie:

      Fly away little Birdy, fly!…but come back next year!

    2. Comment by Jane:

      Not sure which is the most inspiring story – Taylor Swift or One marathon for me…..both made me smile….both made me happy!