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Talking sense about the constitution

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Amid reports that Zanu PF has sent amendments to the draft Zimbabwe Constitution to the principals, that the MDC has rejected them, and that Zanu PF will be debating this further this weekend, here is a very sensible suggestion from a subscriber about the way forward:

Can we please push for a balanced panel on national television whenever there are issues concerning a discussion of the draft constitution. So far we are tired of Mahoso and Chivaura’s consistently negative views on the draft constitution. Is this to mean that everything about that constitution draft is bad. Also my reading of the same did not show any providing guaranteeing sexual orientation rights and yet it is being used to stir away people from liking the draft. National television is one of the most effective tools reaching even the most remote areas. Should we sit back and let these guys feed lies to the people? Its high time the correct information be disseminated and people be given an opportunity to make their choice.  Lets push for a balanced panel that does not praise-worship and boot-lick Mugabe at the expense of national interest causes. -    JC

While you’re at it, read the draft Constitution for yourself and decide what you think.

Also read this comprehensive interview with Studio 7 and Alex Magaisa about the provisions in the draft Constitution.

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