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Talk isn’t cheap

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I tell you I have tried, tested and proven that what Jesus said is true. He was not telling a lie, he was truly speaking from experience and for the first time I sympathize and empathize with the Lord Jesus Christ. The past week I have been sent out to do a survey on vendors. When I was given locations to do the research I marked Mount Pleasant as one place that was going to be a one-stop shop for me. Mount Pleasant is like home to me although I don’t stay there anymore. Stay with me now and let me explain. I was sent to ask routine questions on vendor experiences and when I saw the questions I felt that my former home location would be the place of a great harvest of information. It is hard to speak to a perfect stranger and start explaining yourself to them. So when I went to Mount Pleasant I was very confident I would get pretty good answers. You see in my mind I was thinking I have bought tomatoes and veggies in this place for well over four years and it wont be so difficult to ask my a.b.c. Questions. Well I was wrong. The minute I said to the ladies at the msika could I please ask these simple questions on how you operate it was as if I had opened a can of worms that was waiting to burst. The ladies started shouting at the top of their voices “… if you don’t pay money we are not saying a word to you, does this thing have money, we don’t do things for mahara here.” As a woman on a mission I tried to reason with them. I asked that if I was to return to work and tell them that there are some ladies who want money how much would they want. Wait a minute – this a classical answer from one of the ladies “… how much do you want to pay us, coz kusina mari ha pana zva tiri ku taura.” My simple reaction to this was to ask again how much they would want to be paid. At that time I felt exactly the way Jesus felt when he went to Nazareth and was asked if he was not the son of the simple carpenter and why he had come with such a project of calling souls to the Kingdom of Heaven and what benefit he was to them. The words he spoke gave me the strength to leave that place and go to a location that appreciated what I was doing just like he went to the next town and performed even greater miracles. I went on and spoke to more people than the few ladies I found in Mount Pleasant. A prophet is appreciated anywhere else but his hometown.

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