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Special Voting and the Special Constabulary

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Whether it was a Special Vote, or Early Vote as described by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson, it still led to a Chaotic Vote. Watching this video I note that the MDC-T Secretary General who is also the Minister of Finance, is still searching for a definition for Special Constabulary. It seems the Minister got to hear about the unit when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission published figures of members of the police force who will be casting their ballots during special voting and yet he is the one who has been running the national payroll for the past five years. As the dispute over eligible voters in the 2013 harmonized elections in Zimbabwe gathers momentum questions are being asked about the special unit in the police force called the Special Constabulary.

According to Wikipedia, our former colonial master Britain defines Special Constabulary as the part-time volunteer section of a statutory police force in the United Kingdom or some Crown dependencies. Its officers are known as special constables (all hold the office of constable no matter what their rank) or informally as specials.

In my area we have members of the neighborhood watch committee who assist the police in maintaining security during the night and maybe they also fit into this “Special Unit” definition. The debate can go further and lead to asking questions on who is paying for the services of this “special unit” of the police force and whether we still have ghost workers our national payroll?

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