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Smoke and Mirrors

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Much has been made in the media over the weekend of the so-called unofficial coup dethroning Our Dear Leader and postulating that in fact it is the security forces who are really in charge of the country. In an exclusive interview with the daily News, the Prime Minister is quoted as saying:

In our bilateral meetings, I have discussed the issue of violence and implored Mugabe to deal with elements in the security organs. His response has always been that we don’t condone violence.  If he doesn’t follow up, it’s either he is in charge or not in charge. That leaves me with a question: Is he part of a conspiracy to undermine the government or his people are defying his instructions?”

It would be very convenient for both parties if Mugabe weren’t in charged wouldn’t it? They would both be exonerated for their failures in upholding their promises to the people of Zimbabwe, to stop the violence and resolve the current political stalemate.

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