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Sit up and listen!

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Slowly, the public discourse is being laced with radical tones and themes; they talk rebellion; they talk about someone being taught a lesson; they talk about an impoverished uniformed man in the neighbourhood; in a commuter omnibus they take to task a lone uniformed female; why are thing this bad, tell us; why are your colleagues this corrupt; when is HE going; show us your payslip; we know you are not going to pay any fare; a billion dollars from Harare to Bulawayo; 100 million for quart of beer; do you drink?; this is as daring as it gets; no response from the hapless uniformed one; other passengers laugh; the uniformed one fails to see the joke and stares blankly ahead: “if only the earth could swallow me, damn these daredevils;” it is the politics of the stomach; the devil is dared; noone cares about “suffering the consequences;” signs of worse things to come? sticks and stones, do they still break bones; they sure do not break the spirit; batons and barrels, do they triumph over people power; pens and swords . . . ah well; sit up and listen.

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