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Shout shout, let it all out

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If the response that we get from Kubatana subscribers is anything to go by, its quite clear that Zimbabweans need ways in which they can make their grievances known and know that their concerns are being heard and being addressed. Emails are flooding in from people who have a variety of things that they want to Shout Out, like . . .

The pressure must be kept on all persons involved with the future of our people. Decisions that are made by those in power must be looked at and either commended or criticised from now on. - Lionel

May you kindly open a new column/platform where we can air our grievances on unfair load shedding by Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA). We are subjected to excessive load shedding whereas there are some areas which are enjoying at our expense. In other words, we are subsidising other areas that do not have load shedding. We are all bearing the pain of paying high bills in forex and the problem of power shortage is a national problem therefore it should affect every citizen without sparing anyone. 1. We need a fair load shedding timetable. 2. We need an explanation on why some areas are free from load shedding.
- Alan

Is there any action on protesting about the NetOne bills that we are getting from NetOne and First-tel. 90% of the time there is no network for Netone in Beitbridge. - Priscilla

Sorry to say these parastatals are milking people dry to pay off there salaries. We should not fund the expensive life styles of corrupt officials. They are not accountable to anyone other than themselves and their political bosses. We are sick and tired of patronising these people since 1980. - Wellington

I think serious Zimbabweans should shun from giving information, giving their opinions or commenting on various subjects when asked by ZBC or NEWSNET journalists. - Oliver

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