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Shoplifters will be prosecuted

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Yesterday I was pushing my mostly empty trolley around a mostly empty supermarket in Greendale. The meat counters which are usually full of meat were full out, flat out of anything. Not even a pigs trotter. I laughed when I saw the big sign on the wall behind the refrigerators saying

Shoplifters will be prosecuted

I did manage to get an enormous cauliflower and some baked beans.

I haven’t seen bread in ages but at the TM bakery I spotted some odd rolled up loaf type things livened up with the odd raisin. The guy next to me said this sort of looks like bread so I’m buying it.

The day before I watched people swarming the supermarket aisles of Bon Marche in Borrowdale set on stealing as many price controlled items as possible. Nauseating to watch because it was mainly the rich of Zimbabwe buying up the bargains. The poor were grateful just to be able to purchase more than the few items that they can usually afford.

Robin Hood, where are you?

One comment to “Shoplifters will be prosecuted”

  1. Comment by jameson gadzirai:

    Ironic, isnt it? Giving away the fruit along with the tree and its roots for political expedience is worse than thievery. The gaping mouths of the multitude crying for a better life will shame feeble attempts correct the situation. Adam Smith’s theory of the invisible hand of market economy still holds true…

    In record time we shall be among the list of countries that tried to control prices… and failed.