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Sex by surprise

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WikiLeaks‘ Julian Assange isn’t up for rape, explains Fazila Farouk, but the uniquely Swedish crime of “sex by surprise.” Apparently no one is disputing that sex was had, or that it was consensual. Rather, the problem seems to be more a “lack of integrity.”

In the social justice universe, Julian Assange is a rock star. You know what I mean. Every profession has its rock stars. There are lawyer rock stars, doctor rock stars, engineer rock stars . . . I’m not so sure about accountant rock stars, but I think you get my drift.

There’s a certain kind of man that is great looking, has a cavalier confidence, superior intellect and is supremely successful in his career. Said man is also followed by a long line of women who succumb to groupie madness in his presence.

Actually, James Bond also comes to mind, but he’s a secret government agent, which is quite the antithesis of Assange. Still, you wouldn’t find James Bond being arrested for having spur-of-the-moment sex and we all know that the nature of his job requires a certain level of spontaneity.

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2 comments to “Sex by surprise”

  1. Comment by Russ:

    Surprise I am going to yell rape, If you hurt my feelings. And right or wrong your life is tainted.

  2. Comment by Martin:

    There is no such crime as “sex by surprise” in Sweden. That a lot of people repeat this misconception doesn’t make it any more true. “Sex by surprise” is slang for “rape”, not the formal name of any charge.