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Selling is better than just sitting

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My name is Mai Machafa and I have been selling since 2003. What made me keep on selling is that I realized it is better to be my own boss than to work for some one else. I think selling as a vendor is better than just sitting. I would love to do something else besides selling vegetables but right now there in nothing worthwhile to do besides being a vendor.

What I would say is a big problem is the council. We are paying money to them but they do nothing in return with our money. The money they want us to pay is too much when we do not have water. The toilets are bad and we don’t have electricity so we can’t sell at night.

The future I wish to see in Zimbabwe is a future that is good like what we once had. A life that where we struggle less. We want to be able to have and afford stuff. I want the future to be good for my 4-year-old son so that he doesn’t become a vendor like me. I want him to be able to have a good job and for him to have a good education.

The advice to people that do not have anything to do I would like to say you can start selling even at your gate. Sell anything – mangoes in your yard or even the vegetables from your garden. Do something that would ensure that you have food in your house.

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