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Robbed by my own bank

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Yesterday I had to get some cash out of the bank to pay for an urgent electricity bill because I had been left in the lurch by a friend who had promised to repay his debt to me.

He told me he was suffering from January disease – this is street language for people who do not have a cent in their pockets because it’s all been spent during the festive season.

But even though I had about Z$8 000 in my account the ATM wouldn’t give me my money. I felt robbed. Here I am with cash in my bank but the ATM tells me I cannot get to my cash supposedly because I have too little cash.

However it’s their problem, not mine . . . the ATM could only cough out Z$10 000 notes even though Z$500 and Z$1000 notes should be available.

So instead of getting stranded again I think I’ll do what many people are doing and just keep my cash under my bed!

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