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Resistance to Chinhoyi “clean up” before Zanu PF conference

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This week, the Zimbabwe Standard reports:

There is uproar in Chinhoyi over the forthcoming Zanu PF national people’s conference with some small business people and vendors accusing the local authority of forcibly removing them from their places of operations.

Some residents are also upset about being roped into how they are being used to tidy up the city before the conference. We got this report from a subscriber in Chinhoyi:

Chinhoyi: Cash strapped Zanu PF manifested council forces shop workers to pick up litter with their bare hands and thereafter to burn the refuse causing a scene between a council health worker with residents demanding answers if EMA or the law disallows land pollution in favour of air pollution which is a cause for concern since heresay has spread about climate change.

As noted on Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management Agency (EMA) website, there are laws against air pollution in Zimbabwe, and also Chinhoyi Municipality most likely has by-laws to regulate rubbish burning; Harare does.

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