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Reflections on time

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I have often heard people say, …”Time waits for no one … Time is money”.

These sayings have become part of our daily vocabulary. But do we really understand the real importance of time. The clock keeps ticking whether we are stagnant or moving. Unless, and until we realize the significance of time then only we will be able to embrace and cherish it. What is it that we do with our time? Is it worth every minute? Can we look back with no regrets of the time we spent in the wrong profession or the time spent achieving that which you were never passionate about, or the failed relationships? I always ask myself whether we can regard it as time wasted, or rather take it as a lesson learnt and then spend the remaining time amending our choices.  Every mother who gives birth to a premature baby knows the value of one month. The editor of a weekly magazine or a weekly newspaper knows the value of a week. The 15th of June made me realize the importance of one day. I cherish the importance of an hour especially when I have a rendezvous with a loved one. Being left behind by City Link coach will make you realize the importance of one minute. Cherish every moment in life, and better still, with those we love. Time is important in every aspect of our lives. Let’s not waste it but use it wisely and to the fullest. confusion once again.

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