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Recycling in Zimbabwe

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It is so easy for one to throw litter on the streets without caring about who then picks it up. Some of this litter finds its way into the city’s water sources, which in turn means that the City Council has to fork out millions to purify the water. Failure to do so then means residents will receive a short supply of this precious resource. The possibility of it being contaminated and dirty cannot be ruled out.

Tisunungureiwo Cooperative is a community-based organisation that recycles waste material. The cooperative collects the rubbish from unemployed people who move around the city of Harare.

It is the Cooperative’s dream to build solid infrastructure at their complex and also be able to do the recycling themselves. For example, melting plastic bottles or grinding metal objects. They also wish to have a supply of electricity and water, both of which they currently don’t have. Some members of the group have received training in waste management but they also wish to further their knowledge and the skills of all their members.

These photographs show the work of Tisunungureiwo Cooperative. This is a way they earn their living by being responsible citizens.

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  1. Comment by Michael Laban:

    Excellent. Please get in touch, I want your email address. mlaban@mango.zw
    It can be done, but it takes work.