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Recycling Angels

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At the Environment Africa Recycling centre by Avondale Stream
a group of men make a whimsical array of things
out of aluminium cans
everything from sheets of brightly coloured flatted cans for roofing,
to lampshades, baobabs, geckos, giraffes, spiders and Christmas trees

Zimbabweans are never short of a plan

This year Robert has been making a range of imaginative Christmas tree decorations

There is something touchingly beautiful
about his recycled angels
the curse of our consumerism
reappearing as the messengers, warriors, guardians
a re-visitation of the wise ones
kitted out in the latest colours

Robert asked me to invite you to drop by
if any of you in Harare are on a hunt for Christmas tree decorations…

Robert angel

recycled angels 2

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