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Radox: proven to relax

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OK. So I don’t have an election Result, but I now have a bottle of Radox. It was hand delivered by a messenger with a stunning smile. Amazing what a lament in a blog, and a gorgeous friend from afar will do for you . . . my bottle of Radox promises me “clear thoughts” . . . bring them on. Although I can’t get any clearer about the fact that Bobby Must Go Now! It’s early afternoon in the Kubatana offices and we’re taking back Independence in Zimbabwe, playing Dr Alban – loudly. His insistence that freedom is our goal is our reprise.

One comment to “Radox: proven to relax”

  1. Comment by Zimbabwe Child:

    May the gods bless you all… pambere neNew Zimbabwe… you deserve it… go easy on those pretty polls now… ;-)