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The message for Zimbabweans from this pen is that every patriotic son and daughter of the soil should become a watchdog against these pikinini politicians among us who want to feel big by working for and being bankrolled by imperialist powers that want to keep a stranglehold on Zimbabwe politically and economically. – The Herald

The government does not seem interested in this referendum. They only want it rubberstamped so they can have elections. – Clifford Mashiri

All we want to say is that his (Tsvangirai) closeness to Mugabe has become a problem. – MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube

If the new constitution is to guarantee a free and fair election, there must be a political will by all the players. Without political baptism of the constitution, baptism by an observable change of our political behaviours, the whole exercise is futile. – Sondon Stalin Mugaradziko, the Secretary of International Relations in the MDC led by President Ncube

The words of the UN secretary-general, urging that last week’s Kenyan elections should be “credible and peaceful” have set a tone. No one is talking “free and fair”. If Zimbabwe’s referendum on Saturday is credible and peaceful, the UN, the Commonwealth, the southern African region and many others will breathe a sigh of relief. – Stephen Chan

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