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Powerless pawns

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I’ve just received SW Radio Africa’s latest text message with news headlines and updates:

Bob off to Libya, changes cabinet meet to Mon to stop MT chairing. MDC boycott. MDC Marange MP jailed before giving massacre details to conflict diamond group.

As usual, there’s a lot more than 160 characters worth of information packed into this SMS. But my overriding question from it is why does the MDC stay in this “power sharing” arrangement in which they are so clearly not just a junior partner, but a powerless pawn?

2 comments to “Powerless pawns”

  1. Comment by Chaminuka's Sister:

    You are not alone when you ask why, if MDC T is so unhappy with the distribution of power, it stays in government. If it is unhappy with the arrangements, the logical thing to do would be to leave the government. Personally, I am finding MDC T’s antics to be senseless and tiresome. I’ve also noticed that that there might be two or more further factions within MDC T itself. I get this impression because the party is ill-disciplined and has too many people who purport to speak for it, which results in a lot of discord.

  2. Comment by Catherine:

    Well there is no problem really is there? According to the Prime Minister during his recent trip, “reports of arrests of MDC members are exaggerated. Any problems with the colaition government are to be expected and just minor hiccups.” So l am sure it is no big deal that the Marange MP was arrested just before giving these details to the Kimberly Process group. That would just be a coincidence. As for the change in the cabinet meeting date, well that’s just the President’s prerogative aint it? I guess the way the MDC sees it, they are no pawns; little power is better than no power.