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Power to the people

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It’s time for all Zimbabweans to get behind Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) and protest the abysmal supply of electricity in Zimbabwe. The responsibility of putting pressure on the Government of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) should not fall only on the shoulders of WOZA. What are YOU doing about it?

WOZA’s campaign demands are:

1. Stop cheating fixed meter consumers, we demand prepaid meters.
2. Please provide cheaper firewood, candles and matches, we do not want to destroy our environment by cutting down trees.
3. We are tired of 18 hour power cuts -provide proper timetables of load shedding.
4. Urgently put in place a proper and transparent billing system. Stop sending metered consumer’s estimates, send ACTUAL bills.
5. Create a smoother process of customer’s claims forĀ  compensation.
6. Review recruitment policy and bring salaries to decent levels with our current economic record. Professionalise staff performance and honesty. No more luxury cars we need transformers.
7. We will record the exact hours we receive electricity for the last 2 weeks of May while we get petition signatures which we will take to Parliament and demand they review your monopoly and poor service. You have cheated us for long enough, after we submit our demand to parliament we will organise a RED card Campaign. Be warned POWER TO THE POOR – ZERO service ZERO bill. HOKOYO!!

Support WOZA on the streets. Let’s all protest and demand better services. Enough of the fat cat, co-called liberation heroes living in luxury whilst Zimbabweans struggle in the dark. Email your support to WOZA at info [at] wozazimbabwe [dot] org

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