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In response to one of our Kubatana electronic newsletters where we asked our subscribers for their opinions on the deal between Zanu PF and the MDC, here is what Reuben writing from Harare shares with us:

The step taken is the right step. However implementation will be very crucial to judge its effectiveness. I foresee a possible grey area in the operation of the Council of Ministers and Cabinet. It is not clear which institution will have decisions executed. To me Cabinet headed by the President will be the supreme organ, and may decide to delay implementation of certain policies from the Council. I need to be corrected.

I think that the priorities of this new, inclusive government should include:
1. Affordable food on the table for everyone. Allow any donor to provide healthy and unexpired food to the people.
2. Availability of affordable seed and fertiliser for the new planting season.
3. Procurement of reasonably cheap fuel for industry and homes.
4. Rehabilitation of Kariba and Hwange to have enough electricity for industry and homes. No more load shedding.
5. Availability and Provision of clean and healthy water. Import/produce the chemicals to treat water.
6. Eliminate sewage overflows in all towns. No more bad smells and spilling.
7. Provide affordable communication systems and rehabilitate our road and rail networks.

What I want to see this new government do:
1. Weed out corruption systematically.
2. Resuscitate viable agricultural production.
3. Arrest those who killed people between 29 March and 31 August 2008, including notorious Comrade Chinotimba.
4. Assure the nation that money supply will be revisited as a matter of urgency.
5. Force the RBZ Governor to resign before end of November 2008.
6. Support sport from grassroots to senior levels.
7. Account for all our minerals being mined and exported.
8. Revamp the Education and Health Care systems.

The list is massive. However I should end here.

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