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Piracy knows no boundaries

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On Thursday 26 May 2011 I was really shocked to read an article in the Daily News entitled  “Anti-piracy board resigns“.

I really want to commend the Anti-Piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe (APOZ) board for taking such a brave move to show their discontent over the letter, which was written by the board director Innocent Matsengarwodzi to the police commissioner-general pleading to allow the sale of pirate movies. Such kind of action deserves to be applauded and it shows that the board was made up of professional people.

In trying to justify his actions APOZ director said,  “There are no original works of such films in our country and that 100% films can be downloaded from the internet showing that the creators of such films have already benefited from the sales and also prohibitive costs to acquire the exclusive rights by local companies to reproduce the works from the right holders who are mostly Western countries who gave us illegal sanctions,”

I believe when the Anti-Piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe was formed it had the mandate to protect artists from piracy regardless of origin of the artist or his/her work. It’s very unfortunate that we still have people who want to watch western films for free and promote piracy in the name of sanctions. Imagine how it feels if Macheso walks in the streets of London and sees some guy selling pirated copies of his latest album. Lets learn to respect other people’s work and give back what’s due to them.

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