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People walk out on Mugabe

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Seems like Zimbabweans are starting to find their courage.

A colleague who went along to the staged anti-sanctions petition rally in Harare yesterday said that he, along with hundreds of other Zimbabweans, walked out on Mugabe whilst he was mid-speech.

Here’s an excerpt from an email received today:

Today, however gave a clear indication of how people at present respond to the demand to attend a rally, but are not prepared to remain or listen to the main speaker.  Of note, many police officers left the area before and during the President’s speech and one police officer was laughing with the crowd as they left the demarcated area (cordoned off with a single piece of plastic cordon tape).

The police and army are some of the largest employers in Zimbabwe. The regime better make sure they can settle their wage bill come the end of each month.

4 comments to “People walk out on Mugabe”

  1. Comment by Sekesai Muripire:

    Let us not fool ourselves and think that people walked out on the President because they did not want to listen to him. It was threatening to rain heavily and most of us were not under shelter. Mvura yakatonaya.It was unfortunate that we had to leave. Fortunately we were able to listen to the remaining proceedings on the national TV. If there are people there who think that people were forced to go to the anti sanctions campaign these people are fooling themselves.

    That day we showed the rest of the world that while others are revolting against their long serving leaders we are rallying behind ours. Ende musambofunge kuti people here will revolt the chances are next to nil moreover we are scared of dying this side. So reserve your energy for more constructive things.

  2. Comment by umsomi olomnyathi:

    kufile okumgodoyi, who except brainwashed crap found in zanu pf would waste precioustime listening to mugabe?
    we listen to young intellectuals like gwisai, job and jenni williams. your time is gone robert, prostrate cancer is out to get you coward ndini. you shouldn’t worry much, there are plenty vacancies at zanu pf heroes shrine, just outside harare. the company would be aplenty, gadaffi, mengistu, mpiranya, you have an A class cast there mate.

  3. Comment by rob cohen:

    what a silly little piece to put on your website. what is it supposed to prove when a few hundred people leave a crowd of hundreds of thousands??? do you not think that maybe some people actually do have a life to continue living and maybe cannot spare an entire day at a gathering??? i for one had work to attend, but i went there for a few minutes at least – to show solidarity with the cause. thev fact that i had to leave – even before the president arrived does not mean that i do not want to listen to him or that i nwas ‘forced’ to go there. too many of you people that comment from the comfort of your plush homes while you type nonsense on your broad band sattelite receivers and lap up the propaganda from the BBc beamed onto your flat screen HDTV’s have no clue as to what is happening on the ground. for instance, while i certainly agree that some people were bused in to the city, i find it incredible that u can lie thru your teeth saying that schools were closed and cars forcibly directed to the venue!!! what bullshit!

    instead of this nonsense that u post, why not do the right thing – petition to have thae damn sanctions removed!! stop trying to lie to the people that they are targetted at a few (unless u are too lazy/ prou/ stubborn to ACTUALLY READ the sanctions and understand their imlications on the economy – NOT ONLY DO THEY NOT HELP< BUT THEY HURT EVERY ONE OF US TRYTING TO LIVE OUR LIVES.

    stop with the pride thing and admit that they need to GO!

  4. Comment by rob cohen:

    i’m sure it is waiting moderation! you people are deeply involved in trying to bend the minds of the people interested in Zim. while i certainly will not dissuade u from trying to create dialogue, i certainly hate the fact that u continue to keep pushing the wetsren lie that sanctions don’t exist.

    u, the one that is ‘moderating/ moulding your propoganda’ – have u ever read ZDERA???? i think maybe not. do yourself a favour, stop playing Goiebbels and google ZDERA – thats Z-D-E-R-A – and read it!

    after that, do whats right! we as zimbabweans deserve a fair chance to recover our economy – sanctions DO NOT HELP_THEY HURT!