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People can make a difference, litter can be conquered

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Couldn’t agree more with Ashton Bumhira who sent us this story and photograph:

The problem of litter can be addressed through the provision of accessible bins to communities and education is an important tool in raising a sense of community ownership and responsibility. But people have to desist from vandalizing the infrastructure for litter management.

People who are aware of the dangers of litter often make more of an effort to always put their trash in the correct place. Every Zimbabwean has to spread the word to those they see littering, and teach them to dispose of garbage the right way. It is very important for the City authorities to quickly remove litter as this helps to keep it from growing into an unmanageable dump site.

It is a myth that litter control is not important. I strongly believe that litter control may not be the most dramatic, or exciting of the many problems that threaten the quality of our environment, but it is a problem which affects everyone in the community. Litter destroys the beauty of a community. People come from all over the world to see the beauty of our countryside, towns and cities. When litter mars their enjoyment, Zimbabwe loses valuable tourist dollars.

“Litterbugs” can be found among people of every age, sex, race and ethnic origin, at every level of society and in all geographic locations. The control and eradication of littering calls for the broader participation of people from diverse backgrounds – captains of industries, churches, schools and the community at large. Recently at the officially launch of the Bin It Zimbabwe Program Minister Nhema said that the problem of litter has led to the outbreak of various waste and water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Litter is a breeding ground for fire and disease and it is a breeding ground for rats and disease-causing bacteria. Litter needs to be controlled, and it requires Your participation.

vandalised bin-1

Photo by Ashton Bumhira

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