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Out of it!

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I am well satisfied.

Now, having said that, let the politician take over. I really mean I am satisfied with things so far. They are all as predicted. And I should not really be satisfied, because I lost. Not just lost, but LOST.

First point, all signs lead to a MASSIVE Zanu PF loss. Lost MPs include

Chinamasa (Minister of ‘justice’), Chombo (Minister of home affairs, the one who illegally fired us Councillors), Elliot Manyika (the Zanu PF Political Commissar, the biggest thug, the chief, ‘enforcer’, who it seems cannot enforce his own backyard), and Zanu PF lost in Zvimba, home of our beloved President. (If our beloved President’s party cannot win in his backyard!)

I went out and looked at the results for Ward 7, then went shopping. Got most of everything I need, even money from the bank! Shops were full, people looked pleased, and since the result was on everyone’s lips, perhaps that is what they were pleased about.

However, what we hear, and what will be announced may well be two separate things, but then things may start. Or, if the word is strong enough, other things may not start. Or be tried.

As for my results (Ward 7):

  • Laban (Independent) – 293
  • Pamhare (Zpf) – 1192
  • Chiwola (MDC M) – 339
  • Kapare (MDC T) – 2036

National results (the vote for President, Senator and MP) were about the same, by party and numbers, for Ward 7. Which means Ward 7 voted for an MDC Tsvangirai President, MP and Senator. And Masiya Kapare for city councillor.

Now, I have no trouble with Masiya (although of course I wanted to win). To me, shows exactly what I (and he agreed with me) predicted. That the people will vote for a party.

However, back to Masiya. He was councillor for Ward 5 back when I was your councillor. We were all MDC then. And Wards 5, 6 and 7 then made up Harare Central, so we worked together then. He is a member of CHRA – and I guess I do not have to resign as Chairman of CHRA Ward 7 branch. So the channels of communication are there.

I think we have some new stuff coming. Change has happened. What it will change to depends on us and how we will do it. We must talk and do what is right.

One comment to “Out of it!”

  1. Comment by BM:

    Michael, chairman of CHRA Ward 7, so not out of it! and ‘channels of communication’ are what’s so desperately needed now and for the coming years. Thank you for your sane and balanced blogging and all the best. Masiya, Michael, CHRA and MDC… forward to a better Zimbabwe!