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No war crimes for Mugabe?

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From LegalBrief:

Former Constitutional Court Judge Richard Goldstone says that levelling war crimes charges against Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe would not be possible.

According to a report on the iAfrica.com site, Goldstone said while there were serious reports about crimes against minority groups in Zimbabwe during Mugabe’s reign in the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, they fell outside the ambit of the International Crimes Court. ‘Firstly, the court has no jurisdiction on anything that happened prior to 1 July 2002. Secondly, Zimbabwe is not a member of the court and therefore the court has no jurisdiction over any war crimes committed in Zimbabwe,’ said Goldstone.

Full report on the iAfrica.com site

2 comments to “No war crimes for Mugabe?”

  1. Comment by Tawanda Musekwa:

    Why try him. We want to live peacefully. He did something for the world. We need to have a Truth & Reconciliation Committee. He just needs to participate and state his case. Otherwise punishing him will not heal the wounds he bared. We can’t raise the dead he ” commanded” others to perprtuate.

  2. Comment by Tawanda Musekwa:

    Instead of wasting time, the world has more important jobs. Everywhere, Zimbabweans are in a quandary. They are split by the worst divide and rule phenomenon. They are enslaved. Families are scattered. All live in fear. The culprit is spitting venom. The world is shaking knees in fear.I have a sript for a movie on this. We want a Zimbabwe after Mugabe, after Tsvangirayi, after the next ten leaders, after us, for our children and for our great grand children. We have a movement that wants to produce a blockbuster movie and novel on all taking place. Comments, contributons and support is needed. We need to re-mould our existence. The country must become the food basket, of not only Africa, but the world. We elected Mugabe etc into power. We should be able to indict him. We want accountable leaders. Interested people can send contributions. Don’t be afraid. The world is in our hands