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No to another coalition government

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As Karl Max once said about the French revolution, “History repeats itself, the first time as a tragedy, then as a farce.” The month of June synonymous with tragedy for Zimbabwe this time has brought in a new dimension shaping the political discourse of Zimbabwe.  The farce, which many would have anticipated, is just another tragedy repeating itself. It is not farce when citizens prepare to run away from their homes and neither it is comedy when you hear threats of war when you decide to choose the leader of your choice. The past five years of has been a bag mixed fortunes with tears and joy. Shop shelves, which were once deserted all of a sudden became flooded with goods though most of them were imports but the nation managed to survive up to now. At least we managed to survive after the signing of the Global Peace Agreement (GPA) in 2008 to witness the unfolding of another tragedy. Well the GPA is now in its closing episode but it remains to be seen who will claim credit for bringing hope to this nation which was on the brick of collapsing. To some this proclamation of an election date is a farce but to those who suffered during the winter chills of June 2008 will tell you it’s a tragedy. If history is going to repeat itself let it not be in the form of another coalition government.

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