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Ndini iyeyo nemusika wangu!

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In the second issue of the Kubatana vendor wrap, Zanele Manhenga wrote about people who make Zimbabwe work. She cited a kombi driver as an example and explained how these people are important to our day-to-day activities.

When distributing the second vendor wrap in Greendale, we met Mai Fungai who operates a tomato and vegetable market. Her crew includes Mai Sharon, Mai Peter and Mai Matwins. With their tomatoes neatly packed and ordered in an appetizing manner, Mai Fungai was not hesitant to have a photograph taken. Posing in several stances, she proudly shouted “Ndini iyeyo nemusika wangu” meaning ‘it is me with my table’. With her colleagues shouting in support the whole place turned lively as we laughed together.

In these people it is easy to notice the time and effort that they employ in neatly packaging their tomatoes and vegetables. What cannot be hidden from their character and faces is the pride that they have about their work. It is clear that these women do not have much in terms of material wealth, but they have all that it takes to be happy and enjoy their work. It is true that positive thinking and enough effort yields positive results and satisfaction.

Surely if we could all be this happy and proud of our work, Zimbabwe would bloom with the flowers of joy.

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