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Mutually Assured Destruction

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I don’t trust Gideon Gono with my money. I lived through enough of his quasi-fiscal policies not to trust him at the helm of the Reserve Bank. My other thinks I protest too much, but I will not open a bank account until he is removed from office. Why should I trust a man who authored a book titled “Casino Economy” whilst in the midst of playing Russian roulette with the nation’s livelihoods?

I’m no fan of former Gono Advisor Munyaradzi Kereke either. Given that he was a senior Reserve Bank official during that chaotic decade he is just as culpable. Kereke also allegedly raped his 11 year old niece.  The Harare rumour mill purports that the rape was for ritual purposes, not that it has helped him in his present predicament.  Rape of a minor is an egregious offence, more so at gunpoint. It is curious that despite evidence and charges being filed on behalf of the minor, the police and Attorney General have apparently refused to investigate and prosecute.

Once thick as thieves, it seems that Gono and Kereke have had a falling out, one which the local media, both private and public refuse to give coverage. Curious, considering the nature and scope of allegations made by both parties against each other.  Kereke’s most recent letter, published in the Zimbabwe Mail reveals that Gono was willing to betray his paymasters. This is not anything new – the Wiki Leak cables concerning him revealed as much. Kereke also alleges that Gono has the Anti-Corruption Commission in his pocket, closed banks on a whim, violated the State Secrets Act, looted tens of millions of Public Funds and authored draft legislation that, if passed, would spin Zimbabwe into a civil war.

Kereke appears to be the underdog in this fight. Gono, despite the numerous rumours and allegations that surround him, clearly must have some influence. Whether it is enough to silence Kereke remains to be seen. It makes for interesting reading and speculation, like something out of a novel about an imaginary African state governed by the power hungry who employ witchcraft, sex, lies and betrayal to further their goals. If it were my story to write I would have a third major, but shadowy character, the seemingly benevolent but actually ruthless leader. The Leader would be the puppet master who would watch this drama unfold, and protect both just enough to make the fight between them fair, ensuring that each causes the destruction of the other.

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