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Multiple Choice

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Where will Morgan Tsvangirai be on Saturday 28th February?

a) Pretoria round table to drum up aid
b) Watching football
c) Visiting Jestina and other Zimbabwean detainees
d) Having a braai (nyama goche)
e) Taping his first national address on ZTV
f) Going to Bob’s Birthday Bash

One comment to “Multiple Choice”

  1. Comment by Sophie Zvapera:

    A birthday bash and a national event a two totally different things so Tsvangirai should not attend this one. It is good Maridadi is qouted as saying he will not attend because this is a senseless celebration of the life of a ruthless, hard core, autocratic old man who has taken hostage our country with his military junta and wants to die in power while taking the entire country with him into the grave literally. However, if Tsvangirai decides to go in the end on this he would have lost the plot completely and can he spare us the good gesture mantra.