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More solidarity messages for Gwisai +44

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Solidarity messages for Munyaradzi Gwisai of the International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) and the 44 others who have been charged with treason continue to pour in. Here are a few more:

  • Inotambika Boyz. Ibhora rembabvu ukatsikwa unogona kuputika chigunwe but still ibhora mberi.
  • The detention of the 45 people is unwarranted and does not merely show that the regime is desperate but also clearly shows its repressive and autocratic nature. The people have freedom of expression and association and nobody, however great and powerful, should deprive them of their inalienable rights.
  • Mugabe should understand he doesn’t own this country and people no longer like him and his band of thugs. He should free all political prisoners or he faces our unarmed wrath now.
  • We are praying for you guys. God is up there. One day He will say enough is enough. We support you.
  • This is total madness and a desperate move by Zanu PF. I condemn the treason charge.
  • The earth belongs to the people not to the leaders, so does this country. The Lord will appoint a redeemer – Judges v 1-25
  • It’s our right to know what goes around because it also comes around.
  • We condemn the arrest and detention of activists as the suppression of human rights at its worst.
  • That’s total abuse of human rights at the highest level.
  • Release the detained. Zimbabwe is not a chieftainship we are a (democracy). The treason crap is Satanic.
  • No way these people must be released. Rule of law must be used.
  • I commend Mr Gwisai and the rest of the detainees for having the initiative to want to change our Zimbabwe situation. Keep the faith.
  • It’s strange that people who claim to have liberated us still use repression against us. What are they afraid of? People power rules supreme.
  • There is no freedom or democracy.
  • Zim dictatorship is now panicking they can only delay but not stop a revolution.
  • Enough is enough to dictatorship. Our God will help us get freedom even through the Egyptian style. It’s high time we should unite against dictatorship.
  • I support you all.
  • On the subject of “The 45″ my deep concern is that there is NOTHING comming from the Prime Minister OR the Minister of Home Affairs. Although the MDC has submitted a strong statement the question arises what about the Governments stance.Have they forgotten who put them where they are and for what?
  • Kuvhunduka chatikwara hunge une katurike. Vanotyeyi vanosungira vanhu kuona vidio kana firimu raanoda?

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  1. Comment by Zimbabwe: Solidarity messages for Gwisai and 44 others · Global Voices:

    [...] Read solidarity messages for Munyaradzi Gwisai of the International Socialist Organisation (Zimbabwe) and the 44 others who have been charged with treason after organising a meeting to discuss uprising in Egypt. Tweet [...]

  2. Comment by Amanda Atwood:

    Still more messages:
    - Don’t give up please even if their torture be hard. Please.
    - 45 people cannot remove a government which haas full support of military and police.
    - Total madness at its last stage.
    - Long live macomrades.
    - We are with them. It’s now time for dictators to go in Africa the Mubarak way.
    - Viva the 45 detained by the brutal regime that lost the election in 2008. We are praying for your safety.
    - Bros Gwisai & others we are with you all the way! God stands for good not bad. Mkanya, Mutare
    - Gross abuse of human rights.
    - Your rights will prevail against all accusations. I am inspired by your courage.
    - I am sending a solidarity message to comrades Gwisai & 44 others. Most governments forget that no they cannot remain in power without the citizens’ mandate and that no government has ever won forever against the masses from nhavayechimurenga.

  3. Comment by Memory:

    Funny – there’s no publicity about this in the UK – there really should be