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MDC . . . puppet poodles

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Here is an excerpt from an article by Tendai Dubutshena writing for Zimbabwe Times.

The obvious question the National Council must ask is whether these issues have been addressed. Honest answers must be provided by leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his negotiation team. No spin. No lies. No vague empty promises. Only straightforward answers will do. From the information available, including that contained in the official SADC communiqué the answer is an emphatic no. Promises were made that issues raised by the MDC would be looked into but none were partially or fully addressed. The MDC got nothing from the summit. If the party is to honour its own resolutions it should not be part of an inclusive government. There are those who argue that the MDC has no alternative to joining this government. What utter rubbish. The alternative is to continue the struggle for freedom, justice and democracy.  If the MDC leadership no longer has the stomach for the struggle it should say so. They should not tell people lies. None of their demands were met or will ever be met. Joining under such circumstances is capitulation.

One comment to “MDC . . . puppet poodles”

  1. Comment by Sophie Zvapera:

    My only worry is that currently people are suffering so much that they are just looking for something that will bring respite. You can only call for the continuation of the struggle with the current state of things if you have an alternative source of survival. A mum with three school going children asking her when it is they are going back to school will not say let the struggle continue unfortunately. Those who say Plan B is there why then is it that even the leadership of the MDC is not clear about it if it is there? There is no clear, sustainable and feasible Plan B that has been articulated except to say let us continue with the struglle at the expense of the suffering masses. For the greater good someone had to give in and between the two it is only Tsvangirai who can do that and not Mugabe unfortunately. I believe that if Tsvangirai agrees to join the common person on the street will respect but of course it will not be the same with some analysts.