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Love thy neighbour

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A recent blog post by Anglican Information shares a letter from Paul Magaso in Harare. In it, Magaso discusses the split in the Anglican church in Harare – and attributes it to a divided opinion on homosexuality. Magaso expresses concern for those who “sympathise with homosexuals,” and reports that “The Diocese of Harare, after a lengthy debate during the Synod, put forth a bold statement enshrined within an Act, that there would be no acceptance of homosexuality or lesbianism within the church, since it went contrary to the scriptures.”

But, like the email that Bev Clark shared last week points out, selective application of what is, and isn’t contrary to scripture abounds. Meanwhile, an adherence to “scripture” shrouds a fear and intolerance that violates Jesus’ most basic commandments: Love God (not scripture, God). And love your neighbour.

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